Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picture Blog

So. Mel did this thingy where she tried to take 10 pictures a day...or something to that effect. I thought to give it a try. Of course, considering my subject matter, I have to be careful about anything too identifying. (murdered in my sleep and all), so I've got some without pesky road signs and town names.

Problem is...many of these pictures inspire little anecdotes...snippets if you will. I will attempt to limit my ramblings and give an insight on the landscape of Friday.

Part of my bike route home from work. Rarely will I come this way in the light...

Rabbits!! I love rabbits :)

But wait. There's more rabbits...

This brings up the task I have for you. After examining the third picture, I want you to count the rabbits and submit your number in the comments.

Mmmm....happy giggle :)

I really like the lighting on this....when the sun makes the earth both light and dark at the same time. With some unfortunate timing, developers decided to do something with the undeveloped land to the south. They finished with some awesome pits.....and then it rained. Big time. Then a flock of ducks moved in. Then a gaggle of geese moved it and kicked the ducks out. I think it's safe to say production will be stalled until next year sometime.

So, the fact that I can't look straight at the sun has always been an annoyance to me. Much like the mysterious object behind the curtain, I am sure that the sun must be magnificent, fully of vitality, and hot. It's this last one that ends up being the problem for my weak little retinas. Digital cameras are the next best thing.

My trusty steed

Points to anyone who can correctly identify show, season, and episode:

The bane of my existence:

The other bane:

Notice the evil shadow it casts on the wall...reminding me I have to iron my work shirts not later but now!!

But this makes it all worthwhile. Dick Francis!! Yummmmm.....

Well, now that I have bored you all with pictures, I think you deserve a sneak peek at what's destined for tomorrow's postings.

We have the Inside-Out Girls, the Pumpkin Post, and maybe a quick foray into some special bar guests. I leave you with a tidbit :P

Overheard at Borders: "So for her birthday, he bought a pole and installed it at the foot of their bed. She said she'd been taking classes...."


Carolyn said...

Hah! Trick question. There are NO rabbits... but there are three hares.

You got a nice picture there. Makes me want to be out on a bike.

redgirl said...

They are too rabbits! The over all catagory is Rabbits. Under rabbits, you get hares, jackrabbits, bunnies, etc

Anonymous said...

Are you in Davis, CA by any chance??
What's the tv show?

redgirl said...

mmm...unfortunately I can't answer that and retain the necessary anonymity of my blog. I will tell you I'm in NorCal, but you're welcome to shoot me a private email ( and I might could be more specific.

lifeshighway said...

I do not know the TV show because I am still quivering at the sight of the evil iron.

That was just mean.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the book--I gave it to your mama.

redgirl said... might have been the same title, but dear mother's hands have not touched *this* particular copy lol