Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Selective Hearing

It was tournament weekend.

Volleyball tournament weekend.

I had a team from a state university checking in little by little. Every few hours, a car with a few more players would trickle in. I was just waiting until the coach person came to sign the paperwork.

At 10:30pm:

Woman with a number of girls come in.

Me: Are you Some State Volleyball?

Her: Yes, that's us!

Me: So are you the one who has the credit card for the team and will sign the paperwork?

Her: Yes, I am the ONE to do all that

Me: Ok....

I get her credit card, auth it for the $1,200 (roughly) for Some State Volleyball team and have her sign the registration card....which has "Some State Volleyball" printed as the name of the group. When it's all done, I put the last 5 rooms worth of keys on the desk:

Her: Oh! We only have ONE room!

Me: You said you were Some State Volleyball????

Her: Ah ha ha...I guess I only heard the word "Volleyball". Last name is Hwang...

I just pulled out the proper reg card, had her sign it and gave her the one room key set. Didn't bother telling her how much I had auth'd her card for.

I mean really....I had asked every question, done it ALL. There's only so much a (red)girl can do.....


lifeshighway said...

Oh come on now, you know sometimes you get mistaken for a team. It happens to me all the time. Once in a while I think I am a Rugby team, it is so confusing.

redgirl said...

That's because your muscles and strength shock everyone into submission....

And next?

As Paul Harvey puts it "The REST of the story" on BET woman....