Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Forgein People...Inn p7

When people come from out of town and out of the country, there are two things that I notice: the accent and the manners. Accents are truly lovely things--but as with any lovely thing, they come with a danger attached as well. Who can concentrate on the fact that Mr. 213 needs a wake-up call at 5:30 when all *I* hear is
Mr. 213: "Can aye 'ave (Australian accent.............)"
Me: (oops, I should be listening) I'm sorry sir, what was that?
Mr. 213: "Aye need ah (Australian accent.............)"
Me: (oops, new problem, I didn't understand half of what he said) "What was the time again sir?"

So, all in all, I end up looking (and sounding) like a deaf zoner

The word "cheers" is also a word seemingly much neglected in usages here in the U$ of A.
I enjoy a good all-purpose word as much as anybody, but I think "cheers" is becoming a rising star. (and yes, I am referring to *polite* society)
Cheers can mean "thank you" like on the occasion following.

Australian man walks up to the is the Wednesday before the 4th of July weekend
Man: I need you to book me a cabin in Lake Tahoe for the weekend"
Me: Any particular cabin?
Man: Anyone of the nice ones...I can't remember which ones. One on the south side. Cheers!
(walks off, leaving me, mouth agape. Tho in this particular mans opinion, the word cheers seems to be interchangeable with the phrase "thanks love" but we shan't go there)

Or as "Goodbye"

Me: Goodbye!
Man from Holland: Cheers!

Or as in "Goodnight"

Me: Your room is down the hall and to the right. Goodnight!
Man from Ireland: Cheers!

Or "Good luck"

Man from Germany: Cheers!

My conclusion? People from Europe are fun.
Perhaps not blinding, but true all the same.

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