Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Cursed Room

So, last time I shared about the occupant of Room "A", or as we now refer to it "The Cursed Room". I dearly wanted to break the curse. It is the goal of all front desk staff to do what we can in this endeavor. The other night, I gave it a shot.
And I failed. Miserably.
This blond lady checks in, and she looks reasonably with it, so I put her in the Cursed Room thinking I might get lucky. (me, lucky??? huh...) Later on, a man whom she identifies as her husband comes by to let me know "because he doesn't want to hide anything" that his puppy is in the car, and will be staying there, is that all right? snuck in the hotel through devious means to get your dog in, and NOW you want to know if it's all right? And oh, do we have pet rooms?
We don't have pet rooms, so I call my manager and he oks it. (NOT normal procedure...but he kind of snuck in...)
Fast forward to that evening.
I'm off, but chatting with the next guy, who gets a call from an outside line. "Her husband walked in on her and her lover, call 911! He's really pissed!!" *click*
We see husband come out, followed soon by blond lady and another man. they all go out the the car park and as I am leaving, I hear the husband say that he is so pissed he just wants to "stab you [illicit lover] with a knife".
What else is there??? A tire iron? those things don't slide in me on this....
So when I came back in, I urged Security to "keep an eye on things", ie, find a good spot to listen in. Was I concerned about the potential stabbing in our car park? Well, maybe a little. It wouldn't do a thing for our hotel to be a hot spot for emergency assistance vehicles....but any publicity is good publicity, right?? Right? RIGHT???
Yeah. That's what *I* thought.
Eventually they all left in the lover's car, the first caller having never been identified.
Fun. Really fun.

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