Friday, October 23, 2009

Ah, Projector-Man; When Will We Learn?

There you are, sitting at a mid-to upscale restaurant. You place your napkin on the table after dabbing daintily at you lips. Great food! You open your purse to

No wallet.

Or try this:

You're on the bus, riding towards class. You've got your laptop, all your notes for your presentation....even jokes memorized. As a guest presenter during your normal class, you know you're good to go. You get to class 15 minutes early to set up....and realize you picked up your roommates computer instead, which looks remarkably similar to your own. Your new word of the day is "lack".

As in lacking all things.

Now that I've got you where I want you, lets get on to tonight's little story.

"Mitch" is a man, smooth of word and short of height. (I can say that because I'm short) I know to expect him because my General Manager has alerted me that people coming to his meeting will be asking for a "Petunia Room" location. I am to direct them to the "Ponderosa Room", as Mitch had informed them that was where they were going.

Smirk, harm done.

Mitch can't get the projector to work. As I am stuck at the front desk, I can't exactly building-hop, so I draw him a picture of the button he should look for. (I looked for a picture to show all of you in case you don't know, but nothing was clear enough)

He calls back, frustration is mounting. "Isn't there anyone here who knows about this kind of stuff??!!"

I'm done hearing from Mitch. If his computer is capable, it would be so easy to push the dang butoon, make him look the fool, then make my glorious exit. I grab my maintenance guy and ask if he would mind watching the desk. He agrees, so I hotfoot it over there.

And his computer is entirely devoid of the button needed.

The projector is plugged in, but the computer doesn't recognize it.

I go through all the hardware options available for that laptop, and "projector" isn't among them. Then we get following conversation:

Me: Have you used this computer with a projector before?

Him: I used one last worked fine!

(keep in mind, several of the people he was presenting for were in attendance already)

Me: But was it this computer or another one?

Him: It was a different one

Me: (seriously? then why are we having this conversation? why then are you telling me that it worked before and attempting to use that as proof ?) Well, this computer doesn't appear to be capable of supporting a projector.

Him: (upset) Well is there something I can download...?

(I look up his computer on the net paired with keywords like "projector" and the only thing I find is a lady saying she couldn't use the projector without buying an adaptor.)

Me: Sorry sir, there's nothing I can do.


But now, on to the juicy part.

My general manager happened to still be on property, so I alerted her to the fact that Mitch's computer wouldn't use the projector. She laughed.

Her: I told him to make sure he had all the cables and etc. He also knew that we wouldn't have anyone here to help him with it.

Me: Do tell...

Her: In fact...he seemed to take it for granted he would get to use it. It's usually extra. Last time he came, he never paid. He said he would come up and take care of it, but skipped out

Me: (gasp!) If you had told me, I'd have gotten a credit card before I unlocked the room for him!

Her: Don't worry, he's got another event booked with us. If he skips out, we'll hit him with it then.

So, for the rest of the night, I waited for Mitch to return.

And waited.

Waited some more.

Wiley devil. I just hope the projector's still in the room.

I'll update when I know more...but until then, I have a special update coming soon for "Life's Highway Game"...yup, that's it. I found out what really happened to the scarf.

If you haven't checked out her blog, do so NOW!


lifeshighway said...

oh, (wringing my hands in delight) the red scarf. I have been in projector's man shoes and it is not pleasant. Always always check your equipment folks.

Anonymous said...

More please!