Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jury Selection

So I was thinking.
Studying to be a court reporter and all (criminal, ir you cared), and I haven't really spent any time in a court room. I went once in highschool with an attourny to job shadow back when I thought *THAT* might be a good idea. Closest I've gotten in the interveening years was going for a police ride-along courtesy of Civics.
Such fond memories:
  • The woman who experienced the loss of a ceramic toad planter the size of a basketball off of her front porch
  • The discovery of a stolen car, but no one had a finger printing kit in their car (3 cars people--3 whole cars!)
  • Shown an area of the city I had always thought pleasant and told that if you wanted to swap drugs or have gay sex, that was where you went
  • Slapping the siren on and racing though town to get to the scene of "shots fired"....wasn't allowed out of the car tho *pout*
Only other brushes with the judicial system include watching crime dramas (Criminal Minds, Wire in the Blood, etc) and hearing people tell me how they talked their way out of a traffic ticket. Being a basically law-abiding citizen though (mostly don't want to deal with the consequences), I usually end up thinking "Well, you *were* doing 80 in a 60 mph zone because you spent too long on your hair this morning, so I'm kind of with the law on this one."
The point is that I would love to be called up for jury duty. Problems that I have and would prob try to mention to the judge:
  1. I could loose my financial aide with the amount of days I would be missing.
  2. I just started an hourly job, which will be my only source of income. I can't afford it.
  3. I'm a court reporting student. I'd be too busy watching court procedure, what the court reporter is doing, and thinking of the entire proceedings in steno, which means I won't be able to pay attention to the content. I mean, I caught myself doing that last Sunday halfway through the sermon on Acts.
  4. None of the above
Aaaand....reasons that the judge will probably allow:
(4) None of the above.
Plan for gettin' a little court action without the dangers?
As Thanksgiving rolls around, I get a week off. I plan on sitting in on the local courtroom for at least one of those days.2
Any interesting brushes with the law out in blog-o-land? Or purely theoretical things that may have happened to a friend of a friend? :P


lifeshighway said...

my interesting brush with the law was the year I was a member of the Grand Jury. That was a shocker, here I thought if I get called I would get a day maybe if unlucky a week but a year!

Being on the Grand Jury sucks. It is just like work only you get paid 9$ a day and there is no coffee.

We met once a month were given a large stack of folders and had to go through the case load AND THERE WAS ALL THIS PAPER WORK.

Have fun on your break.

Andrew said...

No, but just for the record... look up Fiege v. Boehm. (Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!)

Also, a law school webcomic: Tort Bunnies!