Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taco Tales: Learning Curve

When you start a new job, there's an inevitable learning curve:

You start, screw up a lot
Hmm...I kinda know my way around now...
Yay-ya! I'm not half bad!
I thinks I gots this!
Oh (expletive deleted) I guess not...
Yup. That last stage happened last night. Maybe aided by the fact that I forgot my hat on the bus from Sac (hopefully I can get it back today). Walked in early to finish changing, realized I'm missing my hat (I'm still more than 5 minutes early at this point) and I'm about to call the bus company. The girl on the register calls over that they need me to clock in NOW!
Me: "I'm trying to locate my hat. Do we have a spare?"
Her: (to shift leader) Do we have a hat?
Him: (yells over) No! We don't have any extra HATS!
'kay. I could tell he was busy. And, to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe the last 3 people came on by asking that same question.
But seriously? Not only are you going to ask me to clock in early, but you're going to get your knickers in a bunch because I was going to use that extra 5 minutes to locate said hat?!
Fortunately, they found one...eventually. When I was done with my shift, I stashed (ie HID) it in case I can't have someone get it from the bus depot by later today.
So, today's count:
Hopeful leers of teenage boys: 1
Kids I was consciously nice to keep my job: 5
Kids I probably slighted because I didn't remember to be nice to them: um...a lot?
Vans with a vase of flowers attached above the passenger's door to stick straight up out of the roof along with a Breyer-type horse super glued to the top-middle-front of the roof with a sting tied to a hoof with the other side tied somewhere inside the car in case the glue failed: 1
Women who rode in said van than wanted to tell me (and did) about morbidly obese friend who is in the hospital with kidney problems who is on dialysis who "is probably gonna die real soon" : 1
Husband of said woman of said man that was in the bathroom for around 1/2 hour and the reason I waited another half hour to check it: 1
**so...what do you think? "Taco Tales"? Slap the icon on whenever? "Bell Blogging"? Other ideas?

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lifeshighway said...

Can't wait... A whole new cast of players and a whole new subgroup of people to observe.

I am only a little disappointed because I know you can't pull out your camera while you are at work.

Perhaps you could do some drawings for us.