Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's Change It Up

I realized today, looking through my blog, that something strange has been happening. I pondered it a bit, and it got through to me:

I haven't actually been writing for a while now.

I haven't been working on a fanfic that I actually have a large number of readers for.

I haven't been writing blog entries for you all to laugh and snark at.

I haven't been writing short stories.

I haven't even been working on one of my novels. And if I don't work on it, how will it ever get discovered, published, and make me a swimming pool of money deep enough to drown in?

That's right, it won't.

So, to fix this glaring error in my word count, I shall:

Be reviewing books from a cool website that will send them to you free if you review them. As my budget's a bit short right now, free books are a good thing.

Stop watching episodes of NCIS, Downtown Abby, and Sherlock, even though I adore Benedict Cumberbatch.

Perform writing exercises with my mother, the first of which was to pick three random nouns from a dictionary and write a piece about it. (This is not as easy as it sounds -- just try it for yourself, and be prepared to laugh. A glass of beer helps.) This week: Graveclothes, wreath, and skean.

Make writing a priority when not doing schoolwork. Sadly, this means I will probably have to read less, but such is a sacrifice....that I am not really willing to make. This option will be saved for last I think. This also means that, because I will be forcing myself to write and not just when whimsy takes me, some of my posts may not entirely be "blog title on-topic."

Oooorr, I could make like Jennifer (cake wrecks lady) and start another blog. But that honestly sounds like too much work. And if you know anything of me by now, you'll know I'm kinda lazy.

Thoughts from the whirling maelstrom of the Internet?


Mom L said...

At least you're planning to do something about it! All I ever do is think about doing it!

Nancy in Iowa

redgirl said...

Unfortunately, planning does not a doing make. I just hope I can stick with it lol

lifeshighway said...

well at least post your efforts of using the eclectic combination of nouns.

I get tired and uninspired with my blog but fortunately that really does not involve writing (cuz writing is hard work)

Good Luck

redgirl said...

Ha, like I would spare you all the torture of reading such tidbits.

I really need to get a sweet deal like your blog where people send me things and I make commentary about them.

The Yard Art Game: Proof the you are a genius

Keianna Johnson (KeeKeeAllNatural) said...

I am happy that you are back!

Jenna Lynn said...

whats the cakewrecks 2nd blog??