Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Don't ask me where this came from. I don't know. Or maybe has to do with the fact that if I have kids, I'm dressing them in only yellows and greens so as to have maximum fun with strangers. This is what I wish I could say.


Mom L said...

That would certainly shut some people up, if only for a couple of minutes!!!

Nancy in Iowa

lifeshighway said...

This is a brilliant idea and I missed it during my major pout.

Once a baby has been identified by sex, then the programming could begin.

A great social experiment.

How does one go about social training a hermaphrodite.

lifeshighway said...

More comics, please

redgirl said...

I shall prod my brain and see what comes out.

I am all for social experiments >:D

L. Avery Brown said...

HAHA! Now I remember exactly why I thought you'd be the perfect person with whom I could share a little award I received! You can pick up your award at:

L. Avery Brown

Mike Perry said...

Great cartoons. I read about a family who are doing as per your pics, though taking it a bit further. They never mention the sex of their chidren so that (in theory) they will grow up without any standard influences.

redgirl said...

You know, I heard about that after drawing this. I think it's the Canadian child "Storm" right?

lifeshighway said...

getting awards from other random southern women, hmmmm

Still awaiting next cartoon installment.

redgirl said...

My next comic will probably be religious in nature. It came to me as I was sitting in the pews lol