Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Say Again?

Today's transcript treasures...

I mean really. I want to find these people and ask them more questions.

Att: And how did the accident damage your marriage?

Wns: It ruined our sex life.

Yay! Sex! Every transcript could use a little spicing up with some sex...

Att: I don't mean to get too personal or pry--

Get personal! Pry! Pleeeeeazzze!

Att: But how many times a week did you have sex before the accident?

Wns: Oh, every day. Then after the accident, I was in too much pain to want sex as much as he did. That's when he found that woman.

Att: Do you know where he met her?

Wns: No, and I don't care.

Classmate 1 (female) to Clssmt 2 (male): See? They're still out there, you just have to look.

And the joy of reading through a piece of the O.J. trial with my teacher deadpanning O.J. saying "I loved her. I loved her very much." with the obvious subtext is "...if I wasn't a lying sack of New York sewer waste."

That, along with a two-parter on a guy who got maced at two different bars "for no reason" made for a killer day.


Glen said...

Life - you couldn't make it up! :-)

Mom L said...

Damn, you have the most exotic work environment!!! Or class environment....

Nancy in Iowa

Lynn said...

Love the way you write! Following you, Redgirl.