Monday, May 25, 2009

One Unwanted Guest With a Side of Sliminess, Please?

I am not a prejudiced person.

In fact, I rarely have a problem with anyone on a basic level. That is, of course until I met the guest of room "A".

To put things in perspective, my hotel gets a number of world travels for whom English is more like the third or fourth language. Social norms may be different, leading perhaps to the following instances:

An Afghani, traveling with a group of other Afghanis would approach strange women in the bar and the following would take place.

Him: You are my seester. You come to my room. Room 999.

Her: I'm not your sister, and I'm not going to your room!

Him: (insistent) You are my SEESter. You come to my room! Room 999. (and so on)

A Macedonian Group came to stay. I was offered fervently on multiple occasions the chance to get in on some feet lickin' action. Yup, one of the *gentlemen* made it clear to me 5 or 6 times that he would be happy to perform the service. Now, I googled this...didn't get too far....and then figured I probably didn't want to know.

Current man is part of a group from Iraq. At first he seemed nice, but....began asking such scintillating questions as "How old are you? Are you married? How is your education? You eat much?" I chose not to hear the last question, and tossed it off. Discussing the matter later with a co-worker, I found that he had been, if possible, worse; calling her ignorant--among other things. (probably b/c she wouldn't go along with his conversation)

So there we are, sitting there, having just both mentioned that we don't like him. He comes up and says "You both eat lots together?". I choose to misinterpret: "Yes, we work together". Him: No! No. You both eat lots..get big, BIG! Big is goooood" (now picture accompanying arm gestures) Me: (mouth agape) I'm not comfortable discussing this with you. Him: You eat lots? You get big? Me: I don't want to talk about this with you. Him: (starts to ask AGAIN) Coworker: (breaks in) She doesn't want to talk about it. Don't ask her again.

He was subsequently warned from speaking to anybody on anything other than pertinent business...especially after he tried the deal out on one of the managers. Problem. He's going to be here for awhile, and thinks that just because I'm not actively frowning at him and have to respond to his "hello-how-are-you" greetings (part of my job) that we are all happy friends. Thus, he is entitled to ask me for help on his personals site he has just signed up for and now spends hours on (no kidding, current clocked time is 3 hours). He is also entitled to ask me for help on the laptop he's borrowing that has a virus scanner program that won't. go. away.

I wonder why no one else in his group wants to help him? Oh wait. No I don't. I think I know perfectly well.


Boots and Saddles 4 Mel said...

Never ever ever ask a women how much they weigh...even worse - ask if they eat a lot and get big....hehehehe.

Honestly_Alive said...

Typical. You're the second, scratch that, third person I've heard relate a story like that in the past three weeks.