Sunday, May 24, 2009

When Logic Doesn't Work, Try Yelling

So, there I was, minding my own business, and this woman comes up.
We'll call her "Natalie", and her husband "James".

Natalie: My room is a little close to the you have anything else?

Me: no...I'm sorry, we're booked for this evening so I have nowhere else to move you.

Natalie: Ok (leaves)

Not FIVE minutes later....

Man comes up, tallish with halo of white hair surrounding thick features, and what I was soon to find was an unpleasant and stubborn face. No one else is in the lobby at this time, except for the previous occupant of *A* who is using the computer. More on him later.

James: You just told my wife that you couldn't move us

Me: That's correct

James: But why did you give us that room? We didn't ASK for that room assignment.

Me: Well sir, I assigned rooms first depending on requests, and then filled the rest in

James: (voice getting louder) But there must be other rooms you assigned to people that THEY didn't ask for and aren't here yet. You could give me one of those.

Me: I'm sorry sir, the others of your room types all had requests, I don't have anywhere else to put you.

James: (yelling now...still no one else in the lobby)But I didn't ask for this room! You can't just arbitrarily make room assignments (ummm...yes...I CAN). I didn't ask for this room!!

Me: You actually have a very nice're in the main building, you're not on a floor with the soccer teams going in and out (of which you are a part of), and you're not on the street side which can get noisy at night.

James: If you don't want to play "room shuffle" just say so, but don't say there aren't any rooms left.

**point** Another parent from his team came by at one point, put a hand on his shoulder saying in a cajoling voice "are you giving her a hard time? Come on James...." only to be completely ignored, so left

Me: I have no rooms left.

James: Look me in the eye and tell me that

Me: (duuuuh) I have no rooms left

James: You're lying.

Me: ExCUSE me??

James: You're lying, you just don't want to change the rooms

Me: I'm done talking about this because I don't think you're paying attention to what I'm saying

et. cet. er. a.

Ok. Reality check. Is yelling at someone and calling them a liar going to make them anymore inclined to help you? Show of hands here... And the fact that he said he would leave as long as I assured him there was (quote) nothing else, and then he left puzzles me. I said nothing different than I had been saying the entire previous conversation, but perhaps he decided that 13 was the magic number--if I was lying the 13th time, my ears would bleed, my hair would fall out and he would be able to tell without a doubt.

My Revenge:

Being argued with is not fun for anyone in customer service, but the yelling and name calling takes it one step too far. This means that aside from just being unwilling to help him, I now want to do what I can to make his stay miserable. Ie, note on his reservation and the complete story to all other clerks. We clerks stick together. Need I say more?

Three cheers for the Scarlet L....

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