Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's Scenario

Today's scenario: you are warm and cozy in a tasty-soft bed...and the alarm clock rings. Never mind you set it for a quarter to six and went to sleep murmuring "I WILL get up when my alarm goes off", you reach out and bap it. Now the little feet will depress...here's where something magical occurs. Snooze.

Some people only wake up once a day. I woke up over 6 times this morning. Imagine what the can do to someones psyche! So when I finally DID get up (6:20) and had to leave (6:30), I still had time to throw on my clothes and walk the mile to my destination. My point? Timed sleeping in. I have yet to discuss this concept with my roommate, but I'm sure she'll be fine with it.


lifeshighway said...

Getting from bed to going out the door in 10 minutes must be some kind of record. I cannot take that kind of stress in the morning.

I'm sure your roommate is just fine with it.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... 10 minutes, you are getting slow. I've seen you do all that in 5.
My sure fire way to get up? set my alarm but also set my cell phone alarm and just before I turn out the light, tossing the phone across the room so I have to go fetch it in the morning ( with the added bonus that the cell phone is an annoying little device (devil lice) and I get great pleasure tossing it around)

redgirl said...

Considering that my roomie's alarm clock is not only bigger but LOUDer than mine, I think she'd better be..

And yo, Wal-girl (yes, you!) I do set my phone. I set all 5 alarms AND my clock. I guess throwing it across the room won't do anything more to my phone than has already been done...