Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

I usually share things that actually happen to me, or at least within two persons.

But every now and again, I come across a snippit that is really too funny.

In school, we have these fake court sessions that give the higher speeds a chance to practice with 4 different voices, and I often help. 

This morning, we got the following piece of Q & A. Q is the lawyer (obvs) and A is a highway patrolman assigned to traffic.

Q    Did you ask him to perform any other field sobriety tests?
A    Yes, I did.
Q    Which test?
A    Counting backwards from 100 to 80.
Q    And did he perform this test satisfactorily?
A    No, he did not.
Q    What did he do?
A    He counted backwards from 100 to 91, then said 80 and stopped.

See, apparently, this guy had failed the "writing the alphabet on a piece of paper" test, and seemed confused at the "count your fingers for me", even though he managed that one a few times with coaching. I don't think I've ever gotten to the point that I couldn't write the alphabet or be confused with counting my fingers.

Someone obviously needs to learn this info WHEN HE IS SOBER so that the cops won't think he's drunk just because he's dumb.

How about you? Do you ever practice the alphabet backwards .... just in case? :P

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