Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guest Anecdotes...Inn p5

Aaah, graduation weekend. Like picnic day, but different. Instead of young adults looking to imbibe in relative comfort, you have the uptight parents of graduates where "everything must be..puuurfect"

Picnic Day people come up to the desk in the morning when they check out and make sure to let you know when something didn't meet their standards:

"Just so you know, the people next door were being really loud. I couldn't sleep at all, and the toilet ran all night. Is there a way you can adjust my rate? I want to file a complaint."
>>> inside my head "Well....if you had TOLD us, we could have fixed the problems...."

FoGs (Families of Grads) let you know RIGHT AWAY if anything is not perfect. Yes. We know you only booked a room with one bed in it, and Auntie Clovey came as a surprise and needs a place to stay. I do realize you'd like to switch to a room with two beds. Unfortunately, we don't have any. No, really, we don't have any. (Well, actually we do, but more on *that* later :P )

Mr. CC almost, henceforth to be known as "Redface" almost deserves a page of his own, so we'll see about HIS contribution later.

But now: "Perturbed Woman"
Location? Front Desk (as always)
Description? an Unskinny woman wearing a bright green top/bottom set with bright pink lipstick
& "Housekeeping didn't clean my room"
% "Did you have the 'Do not Disturb' sign on the door?"
& "Well yes, at first, but then we took it off."
% "Housekeeping cannot legally enter your room with that sign on the--"
& "Well, we took it OFF" (unspoken..."duh, you dolt") "And there was a lady right there! And she didn't clean our room!"
>>>Hmm, well, it's not worth it to explain that that parTICular woman may not have been assigned to her room, or all the other circumstances involved
% "Well, the housekeeping staff has left for the day (it was @ 6), but if you'll let me know what you need, I can---"
& "For the rate I'm paying, this in unacceptable"
% "M'am I *am* sorry. If you'll let me know what you need, I can have it sent up"
& "I'm not angry at you, I'm just....(blah blah etc)"
>>It's rather amusing...the hotel is not a machine, where as soon as the DND sign is removed from the door, cleaning people rush to clean. If it is up at the time the room is scheduled for cleaning, then have to ask specifically. tsk, oh well

I've decided Redface deserves his own note. He is very notable. So more on him later (and that's a juicy one :P )

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