Saturday, January 10, 2009

Squeaky Wheel....In the Inn p2

So they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Pretty much.

So when the third party calls up to where I work, I am cordial..but I don't try extra hard to go out of my way to make the reservation for the entire week. The guest in question...hereafter dubbed "Jane" for convenience sake...needed to stay for the entire week. We have several diff types of rooms: Standard Kings, Balcony Kings, Handicapped Kings, Handicapped Balcony Kings, Double Queens, Balcony Queens, and so on. Policy is that we don't move people from night to night, and not *one* type of room was available all week.

Said third party is told.

Reservation for 2 nights is made.

"Jane" calls with Credit Card # to reserve the room. When I hear her situation and talk to her, and find that she IS willing to move rooms if it means staying in the same place...I spend 15 minutes solid switching room types of OTHER people to get her some sort of room for every day she needs. (naive!! naive i tell you!!)

first question out of her mouth when I tell her that I could give her something after all:
"So can you give me a fridge?"
(me) "We only have fridges in the King bed rooms...I can only put you in a double queen"
"Well can you move me to a king?"
(me) "Well, like I mentioned... the two queens is the only thing open tonight"
"Are you SURE??"
**conversation repeats ditto for about 5 minutes, in which case I realize I have severely underestimated my opponent**

Jane gets to the hotel, and after seeing room, requests a balcony. If the casual reader will recall, the balcony is a different room type..I just can't simply assign her to a room with a balcony. But will she take no for an answer??

Of course not!!

After I have told her it is impossible...which it kind of is...our Maintenance man helps her up to her room with her bags. In all honesty, I could have sat there for another 20 minutes and figured something out. But see...I had gotten this niggling thought. Every time I spent effort getting her something she wanted, she disregarded how lucky she was to be getting even that, and asked for something more.
Yet another case of ... "I've got YOUR number lady"
So when Maintenance Man comes back by the desk, he says.."are you SURE you can't give her a balcony?? She really wants a balcony"

Um. ExCUSE me... I had told her spCIfically that it WASN'T POSSIBLE and there she goes..

The story continues of course.. involving other hotels and an extremely large and difficult to locate coffeepot....but I don't want to bore my readers. So I will leave with one important fact.

Every time we talked. Every time...I got to hear at LEAST 15 minutes of her life story, explaining exACTLY ***Why*** thing were the way they were, and ***Why*** she needed what she needed.


I going...AM quite mad. :D
Straight jackets are rather comfy really...except no one has realized I need one. :P

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