Tuesday, October 26, 2010

News From the Home Front

As anyone in NorCal can remember, we had a pretty epic storm this last weekend. As with any good storm that comes visiting, it left us a gift.
No, not those two inches of rain. Not the branches everywhere.
Rather, it took out the phone lines. Dial up sucketh greatly, but this is a new opportunity for further sucking.
And since we're rural, I get the feeling they're going to take their sweet time fixing it.
But because the phones are out, we are able to have great moments of meaningful family time.
Dearest Mother was wistful about the days of going to the local pumpkin farm when she would watch us all play (?).
Father: We can still go...
Mumzie: It's not the same! I loved to sit and watch the kids play, but they don't go anymore.
Me: You can still go and watch kids play. Other people's kids.
Mumzie: ?
Father: (has some idea where I'm going with this)
Me: Of course, they generally call you a pedophile when you do that...
Isn't it interesting all the things you can do with your own family/people you know that you couldn't get away with otherwise?

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