Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There is a Time for leaving

Today was one of those crazy days where nothing wants to go right.

I knew it would be bad, b/c the previous day, an entire team wanted to extend their rooms for an extra night...only to have me tell them we had no rooms.

I did not get happiness and smiles with this.

Collective Them: What do you mean, you have no rooms??

Collective Me: I've been extending people, but I've run out of rooms. We have a conferance checking in tomorrow.

Collective Them: So, would you have any rooms if I called..?

Collective Me: I have no. more. rooms. (taking pity) It's possible the managers anticipated this, so set some rooms aside that I don't know about. I'm going to ask you all to come down in the morning and we'll see what we can figure out.

Later, I found out that a man had gotten his wife to go online and reserve a room and proudly showed the reservation to our Front Desk Clerk. "See!" he postured triumphantly, "you said you had no more rooms, and look! We have one right here!"

FDC looks with a smidge of horror at said reservation and sags with relief. (and a bit of triumphant glee of his own at obstinate bull-like man) "Well sir, your wife made this reservation for toMORrow night, not for tonight." So there. Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha! Thwarted >:D

I mean honestly (rant time) I wanted to say, "Well, sir, we ARE a hotel. We regret that we can't just hold rooms for you if you have neglected to make a reservation. Ie Mr. Angry Person, not our fault. Which means...YOUR fault. If you didn't reserve it, you have no right to expect it, Mr. Entitlement."

yeah. that.

So now we are at a complete one hundred percent. No boiler rooms, no closets. Manager and self have been working tirelessly all day and there are no negative bookings.


Yup, one of the rooms that was supposedly checking out still had stuff in it. He could not be gotten ahold of.

Suddenly, RedGirl's mind and Manager's mouth are inventing words to describe the situation that are not learned in the classroom. (That's what the school bus ride home is for)

When he finally called back, I was informed that he had booked for 2 nights, and wasn't going anywhere. My computer only had him in for one night, and he had signed a registration card for staying only one night. I transferred him to my Manager with a relieved sigh that she would take care of everything. (yay for good managers!!)


The phone rang. After answering it, I was confirmed in my belief that my manager must have taken the bus home as a child. Our *friend* refused to move, called us all mistaken knuckle draggers and sat seething in silent belligerence.

End result?

We had to walk someone, and I'm sitting here waiting for him to come get keys that work. You see, I had removed his key set in an attempt to get him to the front desk, so now his won't work anymore. So he'll be here at some point. Then I'll get to find out what he looks like. Yeah, I was the one who checked him in and didn't care enough to remember his face.

At least until now >:-Q

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lifeshighway said...

I think you all should buy a stack of air mattresses. Then you could rent square feet of dining room after dinner or those little rooms where you keep the ice machines. Or possibly have someone tip you and put an air mattress behind your desk. There are always solutions to these problems.