Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey all!

My sister just directed my attention to the fact that anonymous users couldn't leave comments. This was not my intention, believe me :)
I have set it up so readers can remain anonymous now, so feel free to drop your few cents in.
Additionally, I am far more likely to post if I know people are reading, and comments are one way I can know. 'Till the next post!! (Tonight maybe??)


G.H. said...

Oh good! I can finally leave nasty suspicious comments without fear of a discovered identity!

Hahah!! Just kidding!

Carolyn said...

If I thought anyone was reading my blog, I'd list yours on it. (And you didn't even know I was reading yours!)

lifeshighway said...

Oh good, it is possible you may get a troll. I aspire to get one.