Thursday, August 27, 2009

the things people say

Never mind "Kids say the darndest things...."

People do.

You know, those little phrases that pop out of conversations to burrow in your brain. Or when someone just says something to you, completely random and unrelated. Maybe you can think of a time or two. In case you can't, I'll give you some of mine:

"Even when I'm home I don't have a life."
-Woman in her 50s

Said to me from the hotel lobby
"My shoelace is untied"

Putah Creek Cafe (*north* end of the table)
"Just stick a knife in it"
-Right after a random pause had silenced the *south* part of the table

Husband to Wife
H: "you always have to contradict me"
W: "I was just trying to reassure you"

"Hook Up Horns...not to be confused with Hooker Horns"

Man walks into the bar, says to strangers:
"Great! Can I bond with you guys?"
Sits down and removes shoes

It's possible you find all these comments perfectly normal. If so, I'll stop writing this blog and just link to yours every day instead.


Boots and Saddles 4 Mel said...

I like the reactions thingy at the bottom of the post. Since I read your blog in google reader, maybe I miss some of your stuff?

lifeshighway said...

I love the husband and wife comments. Maybe it is reassuring to be contradicted (as always)