Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trolls: rAr

Lifeshighway makes a very interesting point in the comments section of my last post on the subject of trolls. My attention was piqued. A troll? Do I want one? What advantages are there to have one?

Well, of course I want one! It would provide endless amusement for not only myself, but also you, dear readers. A troll is the mark of distinction, the hide one stretches out on the hunting lodge wall. (like Beorn :P)The most opulent gem on the crown of bloggyness! On this subject, I have composed a haiku:

Come, oh snobby troll
Drop your inciting drivel
Come and be laughed at

Aaah, the imagery. Submit your own haiku for extra points!


G.H. said...

Ugh! Trolls are so annoying.

lifeshighway said...

your haiku moved me to tears... sniff. I keep dreaming the dream.

Boots and Saddles 4 Mel said...

Y'all are NUTS! Absolutely CRAZY I say....come over to my blog where everything is normal - 100 mile horse races, extreme backapcking adventures - complete with a rattlesnake near miss, and playing 1863 dress up! Ah yes....the realm of normalcy.