Friday, August 28, 2009

A Sad, Sad Day

Today at the Inn is a sad day. Tears flow with a never ending saline roar.

Why? Why this sadness?

Could it be that Team Egypt is leaving?

Oh yeah, did I mention it was someone else's sadness? Oh, sorry about that. I only know that it's sad because they tell me it is.

Heard so far from 3 of the men: "We'll miss you."

That's nice. At least you haven't offered to call me up from the home country to chat about old times. Whereas Teams Afghanistan and Iraq had just a few quirky guests, Team Egypt has taken "quirky" to a whole new level:

A) Large-Angry-Man verbally "jumps" my manager on her way to her office with the obstreperous argument of "I need a refrigerator because I am an old man." (also known as the AARP Argument.) Man then takes ≈ 1 bread loaf up to room before leaving for the day from our breakfast buffet. Leads into my next point:

B) The dictionary describes "Breakfast" as "the first meal of the day; morning meal" and a hotel, or "inn" as "a commercial establishment offering lodging to travelers and sometimes to permanent residents". So. A hotel breakfast is NOT food for the entire stay, eg the lodger is not entitled to make him or herself a sack lunch from the breakfast. Our breakfast bill will no doubt decrease starting tomorrow.

C) A release of our obligation (not!!) to have the word "bar" be synonymous with "juice bar". I guess they don't drink. Good for them. But I pity our bartenders and the necessity of giving all their main screwdriver ingredient up for non-screwdriver drinks.

D) How nice to no longer have to heat up Woman-who-keeps-weird-food-in-our-refrigerator's roommate's single packaged turkey drumstick up every evening. I didn't even know you could buy those singly. Now I know all too well.

E) New problem: Man-whose-key-never-works apparently left his red scarf "to dry" in our pool area. Now it is gone. And he is ever-so-anxious to get it back. He is certain that our night security man has done something nefarious with it. I'm sorry...if you leave something out in a public area and expect no one to take're rather naive, oi? Kinda like putting a sign on it that says "don't steal me".

They leave at 11:45 tonight. (yay!) As I have tomorrow off, I won't be able to enjoy their absence until Sunday, but I'll milk it for all it's worth.

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lifeshighway said...

Is that "the scarf"? Oh you are bad.