Monday, August 16, 2010

Color Coordination

Some things in life are set in stone. Not only are they the way they SHOULD be...that is the way they ARE. A citrus/lime (w/e) soda comes in a clear or green bottle, with similar labeling. Generic cola is red. When you invert colors and add lots of white, you are selling a diet drink.
Tonic water is yellow, ginger ale is green, and, no matter what they call it (*ahem* seltzer water), blue is club soda.
So when I bought a package of green gum by Eclipse last week, naturally I expected it to be spearmint.
And when you want spearmint, when you need spearmint, when you expect spearmint. it is horribly cruel and unfair to realize you're chewing on a square of lime/melon gum.
I almost cried in public.


lifeshighway said...

I am outraged by the manufacturer of this gum not to follow the universal truths of color marketing. Everyone knows if you are going to throw in melon you have to have a sick pinkish color.

The only exception to the green rule would be sour apple. Usually there will be an apple to help in the identification of flavors.

You should have an outraged button.

Mel said...

oh come come. It could have been worse. What if it was some funky "honeydew" or "pea" or "spinich" flavor.

CeNedria235 said...

*Eyes the Eclipse gum in the gift shop...* You aren't what you appear to be are you?...........

Carolyn said...

now now! It's like "are you on Mars or are you on Venus?" Mars is Mintworld, and Venus is Fruitworld. They each have different reference points. On Mars, Blue is wintergreen or sometimes powerful mint, white is peppermint and sometimes wintergreen, green is spearmint, red/pink is cinnamon (technically for our purposes a mint) black is licorice (see above; think BlackJack gum).
On Venus, green is lime, red is cherry, pinkish is strawberry, yellow is juicy fruit, blue is raspberry, white is mystery, orange is mango and anything with an odd combination has kiwi or melon attached.