Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Held Hostage

I've been trying to save this character up until I had enough fodder for a full post, but i don't want to forget about her. 

There's an elderly Asian lady that rides the bus around 3 o'clock every day. (I think she was the one who sat by me in the "Bus Tour to the Ghetto") She makes conversation with anyone who will look in her general vicinity, and for the best part, when it is time to get off the bus, the following happens:

The way the back doors work, you press on the center when the light overhead is green. This signals to the driver to open them. She waits at the door, and as soon as the bus barely rolls into a stop, she starts pushing on the door screaming "Let me out Let me out! I want to get off the bus! Let me out!  A few seconds later, the doors will open and she hops out, starts making tracks. She calls out as she's fleeing "Thankyouhaveaniceday!"

I have to try very hard not to laugh when she is doing her hostage to the bus act  :)


Innkeeper said...

I'm glad you didn't wait... This was just enough to give me a chuckle - thanks!

lifeshighway said...

OK, that is funny. I feel like saying that sometimes in my office. "get me out, get me out of this damn office"