Thursday, January 20, 2011

Would You Like Some....Sauce With That?

I really like to take orders at the *restaurant* where I work.

This is for a couple of reasons:

A) It means I'm not having to clean anything. Taking orders is actually the most fun part of work.

B) I can use accents if my boss isn't around.

C) I like hearing what idiots people can be and commenting on this stupidity with my coworkers.

D) Come on! I get to talk on a cool ear-radio-thingy!

The other day, I was working with the General Manager; I was taking orders, she was collecting money, and she said to me "You have a really nice voice over the radio."

It got me thinking of a story from back In the Inn.

I *do* like to pride myself on my speaking skills--heck, for almost three years, talking on the phone was my job. It's all in how you pitch it and modulate it.

So there I am at the desk with GreyGirl the morning after a big town party, and a call comes in from one of the rooms.

Me: Front Desk (in my sultry, seductive way that I have*)

Him: Can I get some Gatorade?

Me: We have some here at the front desk...

Him: Can't you bring it up to me?

Me: No.

Him: Oh. (silence) Okay, I'll come down. Hey, did anyone ever tell you? You have a sexy phone voice.

Me: Hahaha....thank you....

Him: Tell you what. When I come down to check out, I'll wink at you, and if you like what you see, you can wink back!

So, an hour or two later a group of guys came up. I was busy with someone else, so they went up to GreyGirl.

Him: Did I just talk to you on the phone?

Her: Probably.

Him: So...what do you think?

Her: About your bill? see, I hadn't told her of the little exchange, so she had no idea what was going on. She said later that it would have been nice if I had clued her in. Ah well...

The idea of the front desk clerk having relations with the guests is always an interesting subject for me. (Espesh since Spoon Man) After hearing that, I really REALLY wanted to, when I needed to call rooms up to do the husky thing.

"So you need some...fresh...towels?"
"I'll have that sheet sent up...sir..."

(OBVs I can't say it for you on this here blog, but just try to imagine it)

When guests came from other countries, we had to be careful because (I hear) in some places, the clerk comes with the room, ifyouknowwhatimean. So lifeshighway, the question is not "does the carpet match the drapes" but "Does the hair match the decor?" Luckily, we had no Red Rooms at our place.

What about you, Dear Readers? Ever showed signs of Cruise Ship Syndrome**? If so, by all means share! My ears are burning for a good story ;D

*Being another RedGirl secret, I am loathe to divulge the particulars of what makes my voice so attractive to the opposite sex. However, since it's really just between me and you 30 or so readers, what's the harm in spreading the *love*? Coming soon then, you TOO can pick up a date! Love is just a phone call away! (And it had better stay that way, 'cause once they see you, all bets are off. But not you, my readers! I know you're all an attractive bunch)

**Being a disease in which, finding one's self in a place far from home, an attraction is had for either staff or other travelers that both know will not last, but continue to adamantly refute this notion to each other. Hmmm, I should write about romance more often! I seem to have so much to say on the subject! Even better that I have no experience; it keeps my explanations from being cluttered by facts! Hateful things, facts...


lifeshighway said...

redgirl, I give good voice. I always have. In fact in a previous job I was asked NOT to answer the main phone if no one picked up it because it upset the wives.

ring ring: Heeello, this is blah-de-blah how may I help you

wife: is Bob there

cooing: Yes, he is. I will page him, please hold.

wife to Bob: Who the hell was that!?! Stay away from her.

Bob to me: Stop that

Dave said...

C'mon, you can divulge your secret. We'll never tell. :) And I think I'll stick to the phone, because they *would* probably head the other way. :)

I never acted on it (not even to flirt), but I did feel that way about a hotel worker on a trip once. The family went to Nashville and I ended up going along. The hotel clerk was not only hot, but the southern accent just had me drooling.

If this happened *now* (and I wasn't married, of course), I might flirt with her a little bit (if she flirted back). But back then, I was too inhibited to do anything like that.

Sad, really. *sigh*

redgirl said...

Lifeshighway: knowing that about you makes me even more proud to call you my friend! I want a job where I can do that...

Dave: I hear you on the accents! I'm such a sucker for them--probably going to get me into trouble some day.