Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Luck on That....

Here's a tip for all you employmentally challenged out there.

If you are a creeper, or have creepy characteristics, it's usually better to be hired first before showing them off to the (prospective) employer.

"What?" you say while tucking sauce packets for later down the back of your trousers while telling the lobby cashier that if she really wants a good time when she gets off (when is that again?), she should come to your place and you guys can -----

But I'm getting ahead of myself. And possibly skating a little too close to dangerous waters should I finish my sentence.

A man came in the other day: tall, black hair/beard (would have to go--frown-y face!) and wide, frantic eyes, a large plastic WalMart bag clutched in hand.

Man: Are you hiring?

Me: We're usually accepting applications, we might be due for another rotation of hiring...

Man: I already TURNED in an application! They never called me back!!!!! (grr)

Me: How long ago was that?

Man: A YEAR!

Me: Ummm (you dingbat, for any place I know, they don't keep those things for more than a year...and if they got your application and didn't bother calling you when an interview day came around, there must have been something wrong with it) Try submitting one again.

Man: (takes app) They'd better call THIS time....

Me: Good luck (on that...NOT. *pout* Doesn't want to work with crazy, twitchy man precious)


Mom L said...

Hi - your conversation buddy from Life's Highway here. Just be glad you never had me as a customer. I was trying to cheer up a really mad-looking counter server at a fast food palace one day, but in my enthusiasm my hand knocked over a large drink - top and all spilled over the counter to soak the angry worker. I didn't cheer her up. Thought she was going to heave the register at me.

lifeshighway said...

No really, for my entertainment purposes, I need twitchy hired. Who do I need to talk to?

lifeshighway said...

yeah or open commentary. Now I can SEE if you are ignoring me.

redgirl said...

No. I refuse to have Twitchy hired. There is no one you can bribe, bludgeon, or blackmail. (except....if you give me enough money that I don't have to work 'till I graduate, we could prob work something out :)

MomL: I don't understand! In my book, a free shower is always considered an excellent tip; much like baskets of vegetables, though showers usually come with soap.

Andrew said...

I knew this guy in college who thought it was funny to act intentionally creepy and serial-killer-y. Somehow I don't think potential employers were nearly as amused as he was. I certainly wasn't - not that I was actually hiring people at all.