Thursday, March 3, 2011

Work Snippits

Woman: I'd like a bean burrito with no onions, no red sauce, and no mustard.

Us: Okay...

Me to coworker: make sure you note that part about the mustard down on the wrapper so she knows for sure.

3 variations of the comment:

Them: "You have such a nice manner! You're far to nice to be working at MexiGong!"

Me: I'm glad you think so! Could you call the number on the back of the receipt and let my bosses know? You might win a $1,000! (Ha, as if)

What I'm thinking: raaaiiiissse....

Her: Three kid's meals with Sprite

Us: Nachos or (desert item that would totally give away where I worked, because it's a secret and all) on those meals?

Her: That's fine

Us: Pardon me, but WTF?

Redgirl's dulcet voice strikes again: On one day, got three comments.

Woman: You have such a nice drive-thru voice!

Me: Teehee, thanks. I used to work at a hotel. Some dude even wanted to let me know it was sexy.

Woman: (eyes light up) Oh! Yeah! I wanted to tell you that your voice would be perfect for phone sex!

Me: (smiles, thinking: Oh? And how's the money in that? Do you know anyone who's accepting applications? 'Cause, you know the money AND the hours have got to better than here...)

Co-worker food preparer on one side of the food line (A): Ok, got the 12 crunchy taco pack here

Co-worker food preparer on the OTHER side of the line (B): Um...YOU made the crunchy tacos?

A: asked me to.

B: I thought I asked you to make the soft tacos and burritos...

A: No...

(cue frantic looks. side one gets started on other items, and there appears a bag of available crunchy tacos in the break room. redgirl avoids buying dinner that night and has tacos instead)

Weeewaaa...(kind of) looking forward to work tonight. I prepared by drinking several shots of espresso and practicing my "earnest" flavored smile in the mirror.


lifeshighway said...

A dulcet voice would be a great asset for a phone sex operator. But you also have to sound earnest and remain focused to the topic at hand. (yes I did) While I have been complemented on my own phone voice, I would fail as an operator because I have a tendency to stop paying attention to someone when I get bored.

I only have so many 'yeah babies' in me before I start contemplating painting my wall or rearranging my furniture.

redgirl said...

Hmmm...there are so many things I could say, but I know that my parents read this and, occasionally, read the comments. So, since you know what I'd probably say anyway, just assume I said it and we'll move on from there.

Anonymous said...

I get told I sound like the automated teller machines, wonder if being a cyborg pays well? Annabel Lee

lifeshighway said...

ah redgirl, I understand. You would not have to say much, just hi.. I am a redhead. The rest pretty much would run on autopilot.

I do not have parental support. In fact just about everyone I am related to (or know) are sick to death of the topic of my blog.

redgirl said...

Mom! Dad! You would not beLIEVE the yard I just sa-- oh. You have to go...check for gophers? All right, I understand... :(

and then for me:

Hello there...just want to let you know before you get started ordering that the dulcet sounds of my voice are accompanied by red hair and pale skin. Shall we?