Friday, March 11, 2011

What Effect Does MexiGong Have on the General Populace?

I'm having some interesting questions come to mind.

Such as:

What is it about MexiGong that drives people to drink?

Is there something about cheap liquor that causes munchies that only MexiGong can satisfy?

I need help to understand this....

If no one responds with a plausible thought, I might have to make something up, and NO one wants that.

The item below was found in the women's restroom and brought to me by a co-worker who knows how I roll.


Carolyn said...

How do you know this sort of thing is unique to Mexigong? Maybe you've only found 2 likker containers, and there are usually a half dozen found each night at Micky D's?

redgirl said...

You bring up a good point! We may be on the low end of the curve with only one significant alky find a week.

To learn the truth, we'll need those that work at * competitors* to come out with their stories.

lifeshighway said...

wait a minute now, a malt liqueur is a whole another demographic that a cheap bourbon.

This is a women who likes her beer and she likes her beer cheep. And we all know that beer and mexican food (well sort of mexican food) go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So I am thinking, buy the taco to go, and eat you dinner in the ladies room with you premium high gravity dog biting the can goodness.

smooth smooth

Anonymous said...

fish them out for CRV, it's more monetarily sound and more reliable than tips
-Annabelle Lee