Friday, May 14, 2010


Definitions to help with day-to-day living:

Bird that won't shut up no matter what you throw at it

Sewer Monster:
The raccoon butt you see disappearing into the drain system outside your apartment. Now you know what lurks beneath.

A cat/ferret mix, of which the only known living example is named Mugwai who lives with me. Not for much longer if she keeps on the way she has been.

Leaf Blower People:
Modern day torturers. They start far too early and even double paned glass doesn't keep them away.

Please submit your own definitions in the comments...


Carolyn said...

here's a riddle.

What is "Twitter twitter, tweet, tweet... BOOM!

(Loreleigh should know)

lifeshighway said...

And you have not cashed in on the high ratio of cat bloggers and cat blogger fans by writing on the adventures of Mugwai?

redgirl said...

Egads lifeshighway, you want this to turn into a cat blog? That *is* one of the first steps to becoming a crazy cat lady (I've got the single and the cat part down, all I need is age)

Mumsy: boom makes me think canon, so....yeah, sorry, got nothin'

Carolyn said...

Hint, it has to do with the big pine outside the office (formerly Lore's bd) window.

other hint, it is spring, when all the birdies reproduce like mad.

redgirl said...

All I can think of is sitting outside and shooting crows with that pellet gun...