Sunday, May 2, 2010

Guest Blog: A Dear John Letter

A guest post from my sister Mel. She has a great horsey blog, and she's slowly learning how to be humorous (on purpose)! Give her encouragement by taking a look. And now:

Unlike my sister, Redgirl, who finds amusement in taking uncomfortable situations as far as they will go, I’m just annoyed and uncomfortable, which invariable leaves me feeling a bit angry (and did I mention annoyed?).

An an effort to show Redgirl how normal people react to inappropriate comeons I provide the following situation:

A couple of weeks ago, an unknown production employee left a note/letter in my office door expressing his wish to get to know me better, based on how beautiful he found my picture (I’m a member of management) that is posted in the break room.

Redgirl’s reaction:

Ohhhhh… interesting. Where’s my cell phone, I’m calling the number in this letter right now. Bonus points if I can get him to propose, offer to lick my feet, or offer to instruct me in the finer points of spooning in the first 15 minutes! I hope he’s an honest to goodness psychopath – better blog material!

Mel’s reaction

It really pissed me off. Who thinks this is appropriate!!!!!????? Seriously. My first reaction was to send off a scathing “Dear John” letter (but of course I didn’t). Here’s how it would have read:

Dear John (not a real name!),

This is in response to the letter you left in my office door – although my boyfriend admires your courage in reaching out to an unknown member of management, I’m not as appreciative.

Pining after my image as published in the management picture, posted in the employee break room is not endearing – in fact it is kind of creepy. Is this how celebrities feel when a fan professes their love for them? Now, I may be overly sensitive as I have had 2 stalkers in the last 4 years, but I’m DONE with it.

I’m a bit angry that you thought that this was even appropriate. Just because I look 16 and chose to wear a cocktail dress at that particular management xmas party and smiled at the camera doesn’t mean I’m available, interested, intrigued, or even interested in an inappropriate management/hourly union employee relationship. I’m not even considering the employee relations, HR NIGHTMARES that comes of an exempt management employee dating a union hourly employee in the same facility.

I’m sure if you use some common sense and you will probably have better luck in your future romantic endeavors.


Does anyone else have this problem?????? This is the 4th time in 4 years I’ve gotten solicitations that I consider inappropriate – maybe I’m just old fashioned? Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but I come to work to work, not fend off suitors. How could people even think this is appropriate???????? I’m much more tolerant of people who approach me verbally. A smile, and a simple no usually suffices and no one gets their feelings hurt. The letter for some reason really raises my hackles.

From Redgirl:

First off, remember that I never chase after these ppl like you say I do! The entire point is that I'm minding my own business, remember? Also, they're not uncomfortable. Remember artist man? And just imagine, *John* sitting in the breakfast room, gazing up at your picture, imagining you munching on twin stale breakfast burritos....

Ha ha ha


Loreleigh said...

There is a six foot high promotional photo of a "Wal Mart Worker" hanging in customer service as decoration. She is smiling to beat the band while standing in front of the frozen foods section with that "how may I help you today?" smile. Guys ask where she works in the store, what her number is and if they could be introduced. So, um yeah.....

lifeshighway said...

As I have said before, redheads are creeps magnets. And for some reason (I believe some blog pictures from Mel's blog) I think your sister is also a redhead.

It is on everyman's bucket list. They want to nail a redhead, they want to see that the downstairs carpets match the drapes.

So sit back and relax and reveal in your own celebrity.

I have no pity for redheads.

None, I want to be one, my nasty cousin is one, her brood includes some lovely little redheaded girls. pfft.

redgirl said...

Alas, Loreleigh wins them out on sheer brilliance of personality. *snicker*

But wait...they ask for your number and THEN if they could be introduced? Didn't they already kind of take care of that?

Carolyn said...

Hmm, Have you heard of "benefit of the doubt?" The poor guy was probably too shy to approach you, (and you know you don't always seem, well, approachable) and happened to be a little clueless as to the propriety of unequal matches in the workplace.

Loreleigh said...

not MY number, HER number. she probably does not even work at wal mart, she is an actor/model (she doesn't have the "ground beneath the heel of society" look to her that the rest of us share and her blue shirt looks NEW)