Friday, May 21, 2010

I Won!!!

Extreme excitement here at the Happy Hotel. Redgirl has been seen to be grinning in a slightly disturbing manner.

"I'm so happy, thrilled in fact!" she has been reported as saying. "Now I get my very own sun at night!"

Although unsure exactly what she is referring too (concentration minimal, eyes glazed every time a question was put to her), we congratulate her and enclose her entry into the contest.

We present....The Golden Manatee Award

Check out lifeshighwaygame for details :)


lifeshighway said...

You give a very good interview. Asking the hard questions and making yourself reveal your inner most feelings.

What a great team.

redgirl said...

I notice a lack of explanation points in your comment. This leads me to believe that you are employing sarcasm.

Sharlene said...