Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Smoke

We had sooo many instances with smoke (this is from the last weekend).

Case in point:

Juan let me know (ever so nicely) that someone on the upper floor of our East Wing had removed the screen on their window and was frolicking and smoking on the balcony belonging exclusively to a suite.

I'm not sure if they were frolicking, but it makes me both happy and appalled (for the suite people), but still happy.


This could not go on, of course, so I called the room.

Man: Hello?

Me: Hi, it's Redgirl, from the front desk. I've had a report that someone removed the screen from your room and is smoking on the balcony.

Man: I didn't-wait a sec (I hear sounds that sound like....) My friend's throwing up, can I call you back?

Me: Oh yes, of course. (clicks phone down. looks up at window of room and gives a repulsed shudder)



lifeshighway said...

Wow, what a great line to shut up the general authority figure. Also I assume the frolicking got a little out of hand.

redgirl said...

That's kind of the point and definition of frolicking...

Carolyn said...