Thursday, May 20, 2010

Those Pearly Whites

The other evening in Salsa dancing, Val complained that everything tasted funny because she had brushed her teeth.

Thus, her margarita was less than satisfactory.

Em says: "You should have brushed your teeth with a bottle of Jack"

Thank you, Ke$ha, for such real world advice on personal hygene and dental tips.


lifeshighway said...

A very practical suggestion. I hate the way food tastes funny with toothpaste.

lifeshighway said...

BTW, Kesha has some cute boots but she might want to invest in a hair brush.

redgirl said...

But that would mean she would have to go to the effort of actually *brushing* her hair..

Carolyn said...

One doesn't have to use toothpaste. It is really only there to 1)give you that minty fresh, 2)apply a little topical fluoride, 3)take off a little stain with the grits.
Just use a naked toothbrush if you don't want the minty fresh interfering with the next course.

redgirl said...

lol or a twig with some baking soda on it