Friday, May 21, 2010

Miz Bee Comes to Stay

Miz B checks in and I give her keys for a room on the second floor.

10 minutes later, she comes down.

Miz B: There is a buzzing sound in my room! It's probably a light or something, but you people need to fix it! (you people should be another character on my soon as I figure out who they are...)

(I think I hear something buzzing!!!)

Me: Ma'am, would you mind if someone went up now?

Miz B: Sure, it had better be fixed by the time I go to bed!

I spot Juan entering the lobby. "Juan," I say, "please escort Miz B up to her room, and see if you can locate the cause of the buzzing."

Off they go.

I get a call later from Juan. He's on the third floor checking to see if the room over hers was the source. No go.

I'm starting to think I'm going to have to change her room. Which I really don't want to do, considering the behavior I can see lurking below the surface of her casually draped scarf and coiffed silver hair.

A little later, I see Juan. I remember that I never heard if we will have to move her.

Me: Juan, what ever happened with Miz B?

Juan: (starts smiling) She'll be fine.

Me: What was the buzzing?

Juan: (starts laughing) I took apart the light, she was running around saying "Move this! You'd better find where that's coming from...don't make me move!" and generally being upset. I picked up her suitcase to move it and I said "Ma'am, your suitcase is buzzing." She grabbed it from me. Her face was all red and she tried to make me go out of the room, but I had to hook up the fridge and microwave again. She said it was her electric razor. She kept saying she was sorry.

Me: ??? (I didn't think women USED electric razors....anyone? I have my thoughts on what else it could have been, if you know what I

Juan: Yeah, and then she gets even redder and says "don't tell the lady at the front desk."

Me: (snicker) How could she think you wouldn't tell me?

Hahahaha...I mean really. Too funny. She'll probably try to avoid me for the rest of her stay, which will be difficult considering I'm on for the entirety :D


lifeshighway said...

If she won't make eye contact than it wasn't an egg timer I can tell you that.

And BTW, if you have never been to a passion party you should just for the sheer shock and entertainment factor. And better yet invite that friend who gets embarrassed easily (that would be me) and sit back and enjoy the show (she did).

redgirl said...

Ha! I get embarrassed easily, but I have a lot of practice not showing it. Say! If ever I'm in your part of the country, we'll look one up and I'll write an awesome blog post about it! Huh? Huh?

lifeshighway said...

I will never subject myself to other party where large phallic buzzing things are passed to me as we all sit in a circle. Especially when said things also look like a dolphin so somehow this that makes it all A-OK.

redgirl said...

What if it looked like a shark? Sharks are cool. They are like dophins. With teeth. That are AWESOME.

...maybe not the right feeling tho... :D