Sunday, May 16, 2010

..or not

I'm checking a guy in who is part of the set up crew for a bike function.

I get asked the usual "Are you a student?"

Me: Not right now!

Him: You should finish college...

Me: Oh, I'm going back to school in July. Court reporting...Maybe I'll see you there LOL

Him: Nope, I'm done with that. (completely serious) 27 times. Convictions, that is. I'm out of that now.

And then the convo continues to what exactly he was in for (violence related stuff, marijuana use) and when his first big C was...14...and on from there.

This now gives him the permission to call me "sweetie" whenever asking for anything else. Example: "Hey sweetie, can I get a book of matches?" (sure honey! and did you want your slippers warmed too?)

Because, you see, we've shared a moment.

Update: And then, as he's leaving to go to his room for the night....

"Thanks for everything..."

Um..for what? Those matches?


Andrew said...

But it's a MOMENT!

redgirl said...

Thank you Andrew.
Soooo helpful.....

Carolyn said...

You must be more selective on whom you share moments with.

lifeshighway said...

Since you have shared this moment and you know his history and probably his employer does not... he is thanking you for keeping your mouth shut or he may have to.... whoops.

Ashley said...

Hey there --
I came here via Mel's blog, and have since been lurking, LOLing my way through some hilarious posts. The comment about court reporting school caught my attention, since I'm also a court reporting student. I wanted to give a shout-out and welcome you to the madness. :)