Sunday, May 2, 2010


Woman comes up to the front desk, wants directions to one of our meeting rooms that's being used for an art exhibit.

Me: Over there, on the second floor

Her: Are there stairs?

Fire regulations clearly state, Ma'am, that stairs are a necessary part of any structure over one story...

Woman takes out one of our bikes and helmet. She returns the bike, but not the helmet. We can't get hold of her. Finally, the next day, she comes to the front desk to take the bike out again.

Graygirl: Do you need a helmet Ma'am?

Ms. Doink: Oh no, I already have one

Graygirl: But you borrowed one last time...

Ms. Doink: Yes, I still have it. I knew I was taking the bike out again today.

Graygirl: We needed to have that for the people who used the bike after you...last night...

Ms. Doink: ...Oh!


lifeshighway said...

Great way to reserve the bike. I find her deviously clever.

redgirl said...

..and great way to reserve a medium...and then take the large when no one was looking even though it was already reserved